Do You Know Your Skin?

Even though you cleanse your face regularly, do you still have

Oily or greasy skin all over.

Oily skin on forehead, nose and chin.

Glow on forehead, nose & chin.

No glow.

Dull - looking skin.

Do you have problems with blemishes?

At least half of each month.

Usually during one week each month.


Hardly ever.


Do you have clogged pores?

Usually & widely scattered.

Often, especially on the nose & chin.

Occasionally, and mainly on the nose & chin.

Hardly ever!


Does your face usually feel?

Bumpy under the surface.

More smooth than bumpy.


More smooth than flaky.

Flaky & parched.

During winter, does your Skin?

Show no seasonal changes.

Seem a little less oily.

Occasionally feel dry & tight.

Usually feels tight, dry & occasional flaky.

Usually feels Uncomfortably tight, dry & flaky.

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