Facial Scrub

Form: Cream
Size: 50 ml

Main Ingredients:

  • A.H.A (chemical Exfoliating Agent)
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Cleansers
  • Physical Exfoliating (white and blue beads)

Product Description:

Exfoliates and cleanses skin pores.


Wash face with warm water. Use fingertips to apply scrub over the entire face before drying, avoiding around the eyes. Massage for 1 minute or longer (according to physician’s prescription). Wash scrub off using cold water and dry face. Because of steam, skin pores are usually more open in the shower and enable a deeper cleansing.


  • Before use do a skin test behind the ears.
  • Do not use this scrub for eye-makeup removal.
  • In case of a lasting burning sensation wash face twice using cold water and do not use scrub again.
  • Use a Seagull sunscreen product when under direct sunlight.
  • Never use scrub over dry skin. Always wet skin prior to usage.

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