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Sunscreen SPF100

Form: Cream
Size: 40ml.

Main Ingredients:

  • Physical (ultra micronized) and chemical filters
  • Wheatgrass Oil
  • Vitamin E

Product Description:

  • After laser therapy, PUVA therapy, peeling, and microdermabrasion
  • Prevents skin cancer
  • Before and after skin due to UV exposure.
  • After certain illnesses or using medication that creates extra sensitivity to light.
  • Since sunscreens with SPF100 provide 2.5% more UV protection compared to those with SPF30, these sunscreens are used in special cases when higher protection is needed (i.e. after procedures like laser or microdermabrasion when the outer, protective layer of screen is removed, or in case of particular diseases like SLE or cancer, or after using medications that create extra sensitivity to light). Seagull’s science lab, in collaboration with dermatologists, suggests the use of this sunscreen for these particular cases.


30 minutes prior to exposure apply all over skin that will be in direct contact with sunlight. Reapply every 2 hours as long as you are outdoors.


Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids, and nasal areas.

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